• ION-R100 -  IP to HDMI / Analog Video Decoder


The ION-R100 is the ideal IP video decoder for your professional IP video network.  

If you require a 'live display' from an IP camera or cameras, the ION-R100 is the ideal substitute for a PC to decode an IP stream to provide a video signal (up to 1080p30 over HDMI) to a monitor.

Most IP cameras can supply multiple video streams; so you might have one stream at a low frame rate (for economy of storage) being recorded by a CCTV server while a higher frame rate stream (i.e. full motion video) could be utilised by the ION-R100.  If the live display is located on the same physical network segment (switch) as the cameras, the data stream does not have to impact on the wider network.

When the ION-R100 is powered by POE; the installation can be quite unobtrusive.

The ION-R100 can display one or up to four images in either full screen (rotating sequential display) or quad format.  Configuration of the desired video stream(s) to be displayed is easily carried out through a browser and is stored in non-volatile memory in the ION-R100.

  • Selectable video output - Choose from composite analog BNC or high definition HDMI output
  • Quad View - Supports decoding of up to four IP video sources in 2 x 2 layout or sequential full screen display of up to 4 streams.
  • Direct connect to IP cameras - Direct retrieval of H.264 RTSP streams from IP cameras
  • Powered over Ethernet - works with all PoE network equipment (12v DC input optional if POE is not available)
  • Point to point link - Point to point audio, video & serial link when used with our encoders e.g Utilising an ION-E100-HD encoder an an ION-R100 decoder can provide an  HDMI to HDMI link over an IP network.
  • 3rd party VMS integration - ION API, Genetec API



VideoSelectable video output : Analog BNC or Digital HDMI
Audio InSingle channel analog audio input (3.5mm)
Audio OutSingle channel analog audio output (3.5mm)
Network10/100 Base-T Ethernet port half/full duplex, auto-sensing, RJ-45
Alarm InTwo closure contacts (terminal bloc)
Relay OutSingle output relay contact (terminal bloc)
COM PortSingle serial port (RS422/485) (terminal bloc)
Video CodecsH.264 Baseline, Main, High Profiles / MJPEG
Video ResolutionsQCIF to 720p60 / 1080p30
Video DecodingCan decode up to four H.264 IP streams simultaneously at full D1 resolution
Video Layouts1 x 1 static, 1 x 1 camera sequence, 2 x 2 static
Network APIION API, Genetec API
  • Downloads:
  • ION-R100 Datasheet

    ION-R100 User Manual


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    ION-R100 - IP to HDMI / Analog Video Decoder

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