Power Pole Set - 15A

 Anderson Power Pole connectors in sets of 1 Red, 1 Black "PP15/45" size housings and 2 contacts.  The housings are rated to 55A, 600V (note the contacts are not finger protected!!!).  This size connector is commonly used for 12v supplies to ham rigs where easy disconnect is required.  The connector is genderless and will mate with the same version connector where one connector is presented upside down to the other.

Contacts are inserted from the rear of the housing and are held in place by a spring within the housing

"15A" : 16 - 20 AWG (0.52 to 1.3mm²)  closed barrel, silver plate finish

The closed crimp contacts may be soldered instead of crimping.

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Anderson PowerPole PP15/45 Series -15A Set

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